How to clean up after a renovation? Tips

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Everyone is well aware that cleaning after a renovation is not all that easy and pleasant. You are really waiting for a lot of work, but… we have prepared for you a handful of tips that will help you deal with it efficiently and quickly. Don’t believe it? Convince yourself!

If the renovation hasn’t started yet,…

It is worth thinking about cleaning after a renovation much earlier, that is, even before the work begins. Namely, the point is not to add additional duties, but to simplify everything as much as possible. If it is possible, let’s bring the furniture to a separate, lockable room. 

Definitely also for the protection of the floor and other surfaces will come in handy: painting film, painting cardboard and reusable protective felt. In contact with water, the film will do best. So if you are worried about stains, use it. Later, when it’s time to clean up, the biggest dirt will be left on the protective materials.

It’s also a good idea to remove dirt at the end of each day, wash tools (especially brushes and rollers), and get rid of empty packaging from paints, adhesives varnishes and other renovation products.

Cleaning after renovation step by step – tips

It’s time to present the answers to the title question. We explain everything in a few steps. Here they are!

Dry cleaning – collecting trash and thorough vacuuming

To begin with, the most important rule: we clean dry first. Otherwise, dust and water will combine to form mud, and our efforts will be in vain. We start by removing all post-renovation debris from all nooks and crannies – not only from the floor, but also from window sills and corners. Then we take to carefully vacuuming the floor. Industrial vacuum cleaners, which we can easily rent for a few hours, will work great for this. Let’s not forget the vents and baseboards.

Wet cleaning – always from the top

Now we move on to removing dust and dust from various surfaces, starting, of course, from the top. First the ceiling and the lighting lamps on it, then the walls, furniture, ending with the floor. Let’s pay attention to wash the furniture inside as well – we often find that a lot of dust has accumulated there. We also clean the windows and window frames.

Each room in turn

Just as renovation work must be thought out and carried out within a certain framework, the same is true of cleaning. We don’t jump from flower to flower, or rather from room to room. We clean one room, then move on to the next until we’re done. This way we don’t transfer dirt between them.

Final floor cleaning

During post-renovation cleaning, we wash the floors many times – after every vacuuming, after washing the windows, etc. If you manage to clean everything, it’s time for the final floor washing, which, contrary to appearances, can be repeated even several times until you get a satisfactory result.

You have a lot of work ahead of you, but the result is worth it. Good luck!

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