Old construction was based primarily on wooden structures. So were also the ceilings. However, after many years it is sometimes necessary to renovate them. How to do it? What should you pay attention to?

Renovation of a wooden ceiling step by step

At first, we have to remove the top layer, that is the floor. Then we select the old filling (slag, rubble, cinder) and thoroughly clean it – for this purpose an industrial vacuum cleaner will work best. We remove the blind ceiling boards, clean the beams and soffit Then we assess their condition, for example where they rest on the walls. Remember at this stage to start moving on the working platforms (transverse planks), which will protect us from collapse. After the initial inspection, we can deal with impregnation and possible repair or filling of gaps and strengthening of beams. When the impregnator dries, we can take care of filling the surface with a new filling. For this purpose mineral wool will be perfect. Then we lay the boards of the blind ceiling. Then we can put an insulating layer , e.g. of expanded clay, which will be a great sound insulation . At the end we can take care of the floor. And it is done

The whole process is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of work, but it is necessary for several decades if we do not want to allow the ceiling to collapse and building disaster

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Angelina Schultz

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