Bathroom renovation. How to renovate a bathroom in a few steps?

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Do you want to refresh your bathroom? Check out how a step-by-step renovation of this room can look like, so that everything goes smoothly. 

Renovating a bathroom is quite a challenge!

Without a doubt, renovating a bathroom is quite a challenge, much more so than refreshing a bedroom or living room. There is a reason why the bathroom is a room that is renovated quite rarely. Usually when the need is really there. If in your home the decision to refresh the bathroom has already been made, there is nothing left to do but to prepare well for it. The right attitude and knowledge will make the bathroom renovation go smoothly, and the result will be great!

Where to start with a bathroom renovation?

Any major undertaking should begin with a detailed planning of the stages of work and a breakdown of costs. Depending on whether you plan to do the renovation yourself or with the help of a team, the plan will look different. When drawing up the plan, take into account that there is a wait of up to several weeks for some materials, so it’s worth ordering everything a little sooner to avoid unpleasant surprises. Besides, there are times when prices are rising dynamically, so procrastination works against you.

Tile removal and plumbing work

Undoubtedly, a very time-consuming and difficult stage will be the cupping of old tiles to make room for new ones. Above all, this is quite physically demanding, and it is worth preparing for if the renovation will not be done by a team. Once the tiles are scraped off, you can proceed with all the necessary plumbing work. At this stage it is wisest to ask for help from a professional to replace the old plumbing. An experienced person will know how to carry out the work to minimize the risk of defects in the future. 

Time for electrical installations

No less important, of course, is the electrical work. If there have been old installations in the bathroom so far, they should be replaced with more modern ones. This is also the moment to think carefully about lighting and take into account all requirements and current trends. Pay attention, for example, to ensure that the mirror is well lit. It is also worth considering how to arrange the contacts. Perhaps you have been missing them in some place so far? The opportunity has come to fix it. 

Level the surface and lay new tiles

If the work on the installations is already finished, it’s the moment to smooth and level the walls, as well as lay floor tiles. Plasterboard will come in handy here. Then proceed to puttying the surface, to which you will later apply moisture-resistant paint or tiles.

Installation of fixtures

If the renovation was thorough, then surely the decision was also made to replace free-standing elements. A new sink, toilet, bathtub or shower – the time has come to install them. This does not require specialized knowledge, so you can do it yourself, although some will prefer to rely on the expertise of a professional. Once the bathroom fixtures are installed, it’s time for the finishing touches. Grout, decorative elements, silicone – with this we finish our renovation.

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