Upholstered furniture renovation. Is it worth it?

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During a renovation we often wonder what to do with furniture, which gracefully served for many years, but unfortunately no longer look the best. Should we buy new or give a second life to existing, faithfully serving and comfortable furniture?

Family stories

Each of us has his or her favourite armchair, chair or sofa. Unfortunately, with time, under the influence of exploitation, upholstered furniture loses its appearance. The seats stop being comfortable and springy and the backrests wear out, while the fabric loses its juicy color over time, especially as a result of cleaning the upholstery with strong chemicals. Of course, we can get rid of old furniture and buy new, but what if we find it difficult to part with our favourite armchair? A perfect solution is to renovate it and upholster it again with new fabric. Then it will gain a new, refreshed look and will continue to contribute to family stories.

When is it worth renovating furniture?

Reluctance to part with a favourite piece of furniture is obviously a key argument to give it a second life, but it is not always cost-effective. Renovation of furniture is possible in the case of permanent dirt, stains or minor damages. It is certainly worth to do it in case of furniture that has a family history, is an antique or a keepsake. In the case of large damage to furniture, especially when the quality was not very good, repair simply will not pay off. In this case, there is nothing left to do but to look around for a new favorite armchair or sofa of much better quality, which will serve us for years to come

How much does new upholstery cost?

The cost of furniture upholstery depends on many factors. The most important of them is the size of furniture, the amount of material that will be needed for upholstery and the time of work of the upholsterer depends on it:

  • the type of furniture,
  • type and class of fabric,
  • additional work (change of filling, new springs, refreshing wooden elements),
  • reputation and location of the upholstery shop,
  • transport of furniture – the price will certainly be lower if we use our own transport.

It is difficult to say unequivocally how much it costs to replace upholstery in furniture. You will get a different price in a small upholstery workshop in a small town and a different price in a reputable upholsterer in a big city. Therefore, it is best to make an initial estimate over the phone, or by sending photos of furniture with a detailed description of damage and dimensions by e-mail. However, averaging the price, the cost of upholstering an armchair is about 500 PLN. On the other hand, the cost of new upholstery of 3-seater sofa is from 800-1000 zł. Some upholstery shops have furniture collection and delivery service included in the price. It is worth asking about it during the initial estimate. This is a great solution in the case when we do not have a car that can accommodate large dimensions

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Do it yourself

If, on the other hand, we do not have too big budget and replacing furniture with new ones is not an option, and we cannot look at the old and damaged ones anymore, it is worth trying our hand and with the help of instructional videos available on the Internet, replace the upholstery of your favorite armchair by yourself. Maybe this way you will discover your new passion? Good luck!

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