Balcony balustrade. How to renovate it?

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Living in a block of apartments has its obvious advantages, such as great convenience, provided by the housing cooperative. It also has its bad sides, such as the lack of a garden, a place where you can spend time outdoors and, for example, drink your morning coffee to the accompaniment of birdsong

For residents of blocks of flats a balcony is an alternative to the garden. Beautiful, decorated and atmospheric swallow is the dream of many a city dweller, but in old blocks of flats balustrades are often damaged, scratched or have an ugly color. See how you can renovate your balcony railings.

Why renovate your balcony railings?

Renewal and repainting the balcony railings is not just a thought and “whim” of tenants. Old, unpainted metal elements are susceptible to corrosion, which can be dangerous in the long run. Paint or galvanizing protect the railing from rust, which greatly weakens the metal and introduces the risk of detaching the elements from the entire structure.

Regular renovation should be taken care of by the housing association, but every resident of the block of flats knows how it looks in practice. If you want to freshen up your balcony yourself, you can make your own modifications, for example, with a different paint color

How to remove old paint from the balcony railings?

In many old, socialist blocks, balconies are treated with oil paint. Many layers of oil paint. To get rid of these relics and get to the galvanized railing, you will need a solvent, a scraper and a spatula. While one layer of paint is enough to pour solvent on and scrub, a poultice of paper towels soaked in the product will come in handy for the layers of paint that have accumulated over the communist years

After several hours of soaking the paint in solvent, it should be easy to remove with a spatula. Any residue can be removed with a scraper and you are done with the first stage of restoration!

How do I remove rust?

If you notice rust on your railing, be sure to remove it before painting again. How to do it? Do not experiment with cola or other methods from the Internet. Opt for a simple metal scraper, and if there is a lot of rust, a wire brush. With vigorous movements you will effectively get rid of it from the balustrade.

Painting the balcony

Once the railing has been thoroughly cleaned, you can start painting it with a protective primer that prolongs the life of the paint and then with the color of your choice. Choose a paint dedicated to metal surfaces, as this will best protect the railing and be the most durable.

Don’t look for shortcuts, spray paint is a quick but rarely effective way to paint your balcony railing. Such specifics are not durable or weatherproof, making them wear or peel quickly. Buy a special exterior paint for metal and use a soft brush to apply it in several thin coats over the rungs.

Finishing your balcony yourself can be very satisfying, especially because you can choose the paint color you want. Once you’re done renovating, you can attach flower boxes or atmospheric lights to the balustrade if they are designed for outdoor use. A beautiful, flower-scented and illuminated balcony will give you a taste of your garden and evenings spent there will be almost as pleasant as those spent on your terrace.


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