Grout for tiles. How to choose a color?

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As you know, grout fills the spaces between bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles or tiles laid in another room. How to choose the color of grout for ceramic tiles to make the effect delightful?

What is the function of ceramic tile grout?

Before we present the rules of choosing grout color for tiles, it is worth reminding what is the function of grout? It is a popular finishing material, which combines practical and decorative functions. By filling the joints with grout, we protect them against moisture and water penetration, dirt and dust deposition. Thanks to grouting, ceramic tiles are not so vulnerable to deformation, the risk of cracking is also reduced. There are several types of grout – those whose basic binder is cement, organic resins. There are also polymeric, silicone, acrylic and silicone-acrylic sealants available on the market (each of them has slightly different properties).

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Choosing the color of grout for tiles – practical tips

The color of grout should match the color of the ceramic tiles you choose and at the same time match your preferences. Many people buy grout that has a color similar to one of the colors present on the surface of the tiles. This type of solution works great with stone tiles or tiles that imitate natural wood. Those who prefer more decisive combinations often decide on grout in a color that contrasts with the tiles (e.g. white ceramic tiles and black grout or dark green tiles and white grout). Light-colored grout perfectly highlights the beauty of fine mosaic tiles – enhancing their saturated colors. In fact, everything depends on our taste and the taste of other people in the house.

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It is worth mentioning that darker grout is much easier to care for than its light variant – why? Because dirt and dust are much more visible on white, cream or beige grout than on graphite, brick or brown colored grout. Dark grout is recommended for easily dirty areas like the boiler room, utility room or hallway; tidiness is easier to maintain with gray, black or anthracite grout.

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If we are not sure whether the effect will satisfy us, it is worth making a test on a fragment of the floor covering. When the grout dries and takes on the right color we can consciously decide whether we will like this combination also on a larger surface.

What are the characteristics of well selected grout?

Undoubtedly, the color of the grout is important but its functional properties should not be forgotten. Properly matched grout adheres strongly to the surface of the tiles, does not crack, well absorbs the stresses created by micro movements and is difficult to scratch. Good quality grout is resistant to mold, fungus and retains its color for a long time. If we want the grout to be in perfect condition for years, without disfiguring discoloration and efflorescence, it is worth betting on well-known and respected manufacturers of this type of finishing products, who have been on the market for a long time

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We should remember, that once applied grout will serve us for many years, so we should think carefully about its choice. Theoretically, we can replace grout at any time, if we find that its color or properties do not suit us. However, replacing grout is a tedious and time-consuming process. We can also accidentally damage tiles during this work, so it is better to save ourselves from such problems and think carefully about buying a given product.

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