How to renovate an old door?

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A door, be it a front door or a room door, is a showcase of the interior it leads to. The way they look makes the first impression on passers-by and guests and shows them what to expect when they cross the threshold

In many houses, especially old ones, the doors beg to be renovated, but it is not entirely clear how to do it. So we suggest how to renovate an old door!

Why do doors deteriorate?

Over the years of use, doors are exposed to many injuries or bruises. In addition, through constant touching, opening and closing, they get very dirty, especially, but not only, in the area of the handle. The veneer or paint that the door leaf is covered with fades, loses its color and discolors, for example from sunlight or temperature. As a result, after a few or even more than ten years, the door is already worn out and needs refreshing

How to renovate doors covered with paint?

To renovate a painted room door, you first have to remove all the elements such as the glass, the handles and the ornaments. A simple screwdriver will suffice for this. Then remove the door from its hinges and place it on a flat surface in a well-ventilated room

In order for the new paint to adhere well, it is necessary to clean the door of the old enamel layer. For this purpose, you will best use sandpaper with a high grit. You can use it to sand off the old paint and prepare the surface to accept the new protective layer. Once you have sanded both sides of the door, vacuum and wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any dust left after sanding

After dusting and drying the door, first coat it with a special base coat that will prolong the life of the paint, and then with the enamel itself in the color of your choice. When painting, it is better to apply several thin coats rather than one thick one, as this gives you more confidence that the surface will be evenly covered

Once the door is completely dry, you can reinstall it in the hinges and then put all the extra pieces back on. When painting your doors, choose a paint that is abrasion resistant. Not only will this give them slower wear and tear, but you’ll also be able to wash away any stains that may have built up with use.

How do I renovate a door covered with veneer?

Preparing a door with veneer for renovation looks the same as in the case above. In the first step, you need to remove all protruding elements and remove the door leaf from the hinges. By removing all the extra pieces, you will provide easier access to the areas you need to veneer

After placing the door on a stable surface, you will need to remove the old veneer. For this you will need a wallpaper cutter, which you can use to easily cut and lever the veneer to peel it off later. After removing all the veneer, you can now prepare a new sheet to cover the door with. The glue residue will not interfere with anything at all.

For laying the veneer you will need a credit card, ATM card or a club card for some store. Use it to push air bubbles out of the veneer so it will adhere smoothly to the surface of the door. Once the veneer is applied, cut all the holes you need to install the handle and glass. Put the extra pieces on the back. Once you’re done, install the door into its hinges and enjoy its new, refreshed look

Unfortunately, the veneer tends to rub off, so if you already know you’ll need to wash it often, choose a light-colored door; wipe-off stains show up more quickly and clearly on dark colors.

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