Pavers are a popular material used to finish your driveway, sidewalks and garden paths. How to clean paving stones using baking soda? Is it a good idea? Let’s check

Clean paving blocks – impregnation is the base

The owners of paving bricks, which have been factory impregnated by the manufacturer, don’t have any problems with keeping their drive or pathways clean, because it is easy to clean stains from the surfaces protected with special agents with the help of pressure washer or brush and water with a small amount of standard detergent (if we buy new paving bricks, which are not impregnated, it is worth doing this right after laying them, because impregnation makes the material more esthetic and prolongs its lifetime). We have to remember, that impregnating preparations should be applied on the surface every few years (some agents leave slightly glossy layer, others deepen the color of the sett, and some are completely invisible)

How to clean cobblestones with baking soda? Advice

If we want to make our paving blocks look neat and pretty, we don’t have to reach for chemical preparations – it is worth trying home methods, which are environment friendly. If there are many weeds around single elements, baking soda can be helpful in removing them (just add 3-4 teaspoons of soda to 1 l of water and apply the mixture on the weedy places, i.e. between the cracks). Baking soda is also an excellent stain remover. Combine the product with water to obtain the consistency of a paste and apply on the stain. Remember to rinse off the baking soda thoroughly so that no unsightly light streaks appear.

Other methods for cleaning cobblestones – vinegar, cola drinks

Of course, baking soda is not the only way to restore the appearance of your paving blocks. You can remove greasy stains and rust using cola drinks – just pour the drink on the strategic parts of the pavement and leave it overnight. In the morning, simply rinse the surface and no trace of the dirt should remain. Vinegar is very effective against moss and weeds. It is an inexpensive and ecological product that we all have in our kitchen. How to use it? Prepare a solution of vinegar and water in a 2:1 ratio. Pour the mixture into a container with a sprayer and spray the plants on a sunny day.

Professional cleaning of cobblestones – how much does it cost?

The approximate cost of cleaning cobblestones is 15-20 PLN/m2 (depending on the level of dirt). If the paving blocks are covered with moss, lichens, fungi, greasy, oily stains or construction dirt, the cost of cleaning by a professional company providing such services can be even 25-50 PLN/m2.

We hope that our practical guide will help you deal with even the most stubborn dirt on your paving stones. On the other hand, if you do not have free time or simply do not like this type of cleaning work, it is worth entrusting this task to professionals.

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