Do you want to create a fairytale garden? It certainly can not lack a swing in it! See how to make a construction for hanging a Brazilian chair yourself.

One of the most popular swings is a Brazilian chair, which is comfortable, aesthetic and easy to install. See how to prepare the structure for the Brazilian chair in a few steps.

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  1. We start by digging holes needed to place the frame of the swing – their depth should be 60-70 cm.
  2. In the dug pits we place the poles – strong enough to be able to hold a swing with an adult person. Put them to a depth of 60-70 cm.
  1. Then the poles in the ground should be concreted to ensure the stability of the structure.
  2. After the concrete dries, the two vertical posts are connected at the top with a sturdy beam.
  3. The construction is ready – now we can attach our swing
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Angelina Schultz

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