Do you have free space on your balcony that you want to set aside for a plant corner? Perfect! Check out which species are best for your balcony or terrace.

Will ornamental grasses work on your balcony?

Growing ornamental grasses in pots is becoming more and more popular, so they beautify not only home gardens but also balconies and terraces. These seemingly unimpressive plants, when properly selected, can give the composition a chic look. They are perfect as a background for blooming annual plants. Ornamental grasses will also look beautiful when we make a composition of several of their species in a wooden box. A nice idea is to plant tall and fast-growing grass in a concrete box and use it as a shield from the wind and prying eyes of neighbors. 

What kinds of ornamental grasses should I plant on my patio and balcony?

There are many species of ornamental grass available in garden stores and even DIY stores. Some of them are better suited to growing in containers on balconies and terraces. It’s worth choosing a species that won’t cause you many problems so that you don’t get discouraged about growing these beautiful plants. Ornamental grasses, which can be successfully grown in pots include:

  • Ash fescue – is perhaps the most popular ornamental grass species. It is an excellent plant for growing in pots, grows in small clumps and reaches a maximum height of about 30-40 cm (including spikes). Ash fescue is an evergreen plant and will also decorate your balcony or terrace in winter, which is its undoubted advantage.
  • Reed canary grass Karl Foerster – this grass species is recommended for everyone who wants to gain some privacy on their terrace or balcony. It starts to grow very quickly and already in June, decorative flowers appear. It grows up to 180 cm high and it is worth planting it in bigger pots (minimum diameter 40 cm). It doesn’t need to be covered for winter as it’s frost hardy.
  • Rhododendron Rubrum – is in our opinion one of the most beautiful grasses that can be grown in a pot. This purple grass will grow perfectly if you place it in a sunny position.

How do I care for ornamental grasses growing in pots?

The basis for success in growing ornamental grass on balconies and terraces is to choose the right species – be sure to choose one that can be grown in a pot. Ornamental grass that is planted in a container obviously needs more frequent watering than that grown in the ground. It is also necessary to take care of proper drainage, thanks to which we do not have to worry that our plant will start to rot in case of frequent rains. 

You should also know that ornamental grasses do not need regular fertilizing. In the case of perennial ornamental grasses, it is recommended to fertilize them only once a year (in early spring). Remember not to cut ornamental grasses in autumn or winter. This should be done in spring – preferably in March, before the growing season begins.

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