What should a toolbox contain?

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Whether you live in a house with a big garden or in an apartment, a toolbox is useful in every household. Find out what you should include in it.

Toolbox essentials

Even if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, it’s a good idea to have a toolbox of basic tools in your home. That way you’ll be able to fix small problems on your own, such as a loose screw in a chair or a moving drawer handle. Before you start assembling your toolbox, however, it’s a good idea to think about what small repairs you can do yourself and put the tools you can use in it. It is certainly worth to include in it:

  • A tape measure – preferably an expandable one and a folding one, or an inch tape measure. When decorating your home or apartment, a tape measure will be one of the more frequently used items.
  • Hammer – no one needs to be introduced to the use of this item. It is useful in every house and it is definitely worth having it in your toolbox.
  • Screwdriver – this is one of the most popular tools and is often called a screwdriver. Remember to equip yourself with a flathead screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver. It is also a good idea to buy a screwdriver with interchangeable bits – remember to buy a bit set that includes both flat and Phillips bits.
  • Pliers – invaluable when you need to bend, tighten or unscrew something. Buy one with insulated handles to protect against 500 volts.
  • A set of open-ended wrenches will come in handy when screwing together furniture. It is worth buying a set that includes wrenches of the most popular sizes (from 6 to 19 mm).
  • A spirit level – will come in handy when hanging pictures, placing furniture and household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher). You don’t have to buy a large spirit level, a small size tool will suffice for home use.
  • Knife with an interchangeable blade – also called an upholstery knife or a knife with a broken blade. Very sharp, allows for precise cutting of various objects. It will come in handy more often than you think.

Nails, screws, painter’s tape and other accessories

In addition to the basic tools listed above, it’s also a good idea to have some useful accessories in your toolbox. Painter’s tape will come in handy not only when painting walls, but also for marking the perfect spot on the wall to hang a mirror or a painting. Of course, you will also need nails and screws to hang these decorations on the wall. 

Drill and screwdriver – a useful power tool in every home

Drilling a screw hole for a picture frame is a simple task that doesn’t require calling in a professional. With a drill/driver in your toolbox, you can do many simple jobs yourself without waiting for a professional to come. That is why it is worth buying a drill/driver in addition to hand tools. This is the only power tool we recommend. A drill/driver is a big expense, so if you want to save money, consider borrowing one from a DIY friend or a tool rental shop. 

main photo: pixabay.com/picjumbo_com

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