Upholstered panels are one of the leading trends in interior design. No wonder, such decoration can give an exclusive character to any interior. Check our inspirations.

Quality of panels

Upholstered panels are most often made of MDF board, soft foam and fabric. The most important thing to choose is the quality of the fabric that the panels are covered with. You should bet on a good quality material if we assume that the panels are to serve us for years. Low quality will cause stains to appear on the fabric after even a few months, which are difficult to remove due to the nature of this decoration. It is especially important to pay attention if such panels are to be used as a headrest or a backrest, because if they are constantly touched, they may lose their aesthetic appearance very quickly.


Upholstered panels are most often installed in the bedroom and serve as a headrest. Thanks to their softness, they will be a very comfortable backrest. There are two ways to place them: typically placed to the standard height of the headboard or extended to the entire wall, up to the ceiling.


Upholstered panels in the kitchen can act as a comfortable seat. If we have an alcove in the kitchen and we decide to lining it with such panels, we will gain a very luxurious finish and remarkable style.

Living room

In the living room, we can opt for a whole one wall covered with upholstered panels. The space will gain elegance and chic in an original way.

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