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A terrace is probably the dream of every home buyer. Especially if you are moving from a block of flats, the vision of a terrace and garden instead of a tiny balcony is very tempting. Although it is not easy to build a terrace, it is not particularly difficult or unattainable. What do you need to take care of during construction so that the terrace is comfortable, sturdy and will last for many years? Find out!

A solid foundation – the key to a stable terrace

If you don’t want to fear that your decking boards will break and become a danger to people on them, you need a good subfloor to set the decking on. A cheap, but not the best option is to bark your decking. Yes, the low price may seem tempting, but in the long run you will still spend a huge amount of money on constant repairs. The bark does not give the boards the support they need, which causes them to break, bend and create holes that make the decking unsafe. The terrain on which the terrace will be built must be leveled so that unevenness does not interfere with the construction and does not affect the durability of the structure. A good subfloor is a concrete slab, which not only provides excellent stability and durability, but also offers many options when it comes to finishing the terrace

Aesthetic finishing of the terrace

Wooden terraces are the most popular choice these days. Wood is indeed a material that looks extremely beneficial on a terrace. Natural materials have their advantages, such as aesthetics, a wide range of colors, and consistency with nature if the terrace surrounds a garden. Unfortunately, wood has to be properly impregnated in order to survive the winter and be resistant to various temperatures and weather conditions, and then cared for and maintained regularly so that it does not deteriorate too quickly. You can read more about wooden decking at https://www.ideagarden.pl/

Another popular material for finishing a terrace is composite. This hard and durable material is a great substitute for wood. It is more resistant to harsh weather conditions and requires no waterproofing or special care. The downside is that the color range of composite decking is slightly narrower than that of wood, which can be painted. Although composite decking looks like wood, it is not quite as natural, which may bother some people. However, if you don’t care about this effect as much, choose composite decking from Warsaw for your patio.

Another way to finish a concrete terrace is with ceramic tiles. They look very elegant and impressive. When choosing tiles, pay attention to whether they are designed for outdoor use. If not, they will not be resistant to weather conditions and phenomena. If you are very keen on the tiles in question but they are not designed to be laid outside, a great alternative to a terrace will be a conservatory. Not only does it look very impressive, but unlike a terrace, it is year-round and gives you the opportunity to admire the garden even when it is freezing outside. You can read more about conservatories and their construction at https://winter-gardens.pl/

A terrace is not a small attraction for all nature lovers. It also makes it easier to receive guests on warm days and makes summer meals more enjoyable. When building it, take care of accuracy and care of workmanship, and then it will certainly serve you for years

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