Handmade ornaments are always more enjoyable. When we put a lot of effort into something, we also try to make sure that the thing will be with us for many years and will bring back memories and give satisfaction. Due to the fact that garden furniture is quite a large expense, it is worth it to make a bench yourself, which will certainly occupy a place of honor in the garden.

How to make a bench step by step

At the beginning we need to think about what kind of bench we want and what materials we should buy. It is also worth deciding whether it will be a bench permanently fixed in one place, or we will want to move it. A bench made only of wood is easy to move, and you only need basic tools and boards to make it. You can also use a metal frame, which will need to be welded. The wood needs to be carefully sanded, cut into appropriate pieces and impregnated. When the material is dry, make a seat – it can be one wide board or several narrow ones attached transversely to the slats of the rungs. Then attach the legs to the seat, and here again you must decide whether you want four legs attached to the corners or two in the middle on opposite sides of the slats. After completing this step, if we are satisfied with the bench without a backrest, we can enjoy the work done, if not we should attach a backrest to the main frame. The easiest way will be to attach an oblong board on two slats. Conveniently, we also recommend an armrest attached to the seat and backrest at the ends of the bench

And the work is done! The bench is a really uncomplicated piece of furniture, which can be built by almost anyone.

Photo by Detmold from Pixabay.com
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